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About Joan

Joan Inglis was born in Liverpool in 1934, living through the trauma of the Second World War as a child.

The war years and voluntary evacuation were followed by mainly unhappy school days, and leaving at the age of 15 without any academic qualifications.  In subsequent work as a shorthand typist, she had to learn infinite patience, and how to live one day at a time, while waiting to utilise elocution and drama classes by becoming an actress. It was only when playing roles that she had any self-confidence.

Her self-esteem when working as a secretary in London depended entirely on feeling accepted by others. In her 20s, financial and emotional insecurities contributed to a nervous breakdown, with treatment and relapses over a period of three years.  Her recovery through spiritual healing enabled life to continue with a three year training in theology which culminated in the recommendation to use her particular abilities in “a ministry of psychological healing.”

Ten years of working in London hospitals as a medical secretary laid the foundation for this. It took the form of training as a psychiatric nurse within a hospital which functioned as a therapeutic community – a microcosm of society.  This ‘social psychiatry’ mode of treatment challenged everyone, both staff and patients, to ‘know thyself’ through relationships and a process of growing self-awareness. They learnt different basic behavioural aspects of the law of cause and effect: how our thoughts affect our bodies and the people around us; how feeling victimised causes symptoms of stress and, conversely, how taking  responsibility for our own actions empowers us; how living in thoughts of past or future imprisons us and how living in the present moment leads to inner freedom.

Throughout her life, Joan had the freedom to search for her own spiritual path; and she came to realise that religious observance does not always reflect spiritual awareness.  Each of us has to discover how to live as a physical, mental and spiritual Being.

For years, she asked the questions to which we would all like the answers: Who am I? and Why am I here? UNREHEARSED JOURNEY leads to her present stage of spiritual awareness after nearly 80 years of human experience.