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What people have said

"What a great job!"

"We are loving your book; how inspiring and exciting!"

"Your book was such a reminder of the need to actively find stillness and to live in the moment."

"The book is obviously very much more than just an account of events.  I think I will read it many times and ponder on its insights, and to help me on my own journey of discovery and understanding as to what it means to be and to live in the spirit. I found your book to be honest, insightful, full of wisdom and love – and helpful.  Since reading it, I keep on thinking about it, and I can hardly give it more praise than that."

"We only see a snapshot of the people we meet through life without ever knowing what rich experiences lie beneath."

"I can see that this would be a wonderful encouragement to all who have experienced uncertainties and low self-esteem in searching for their true identity."

"It is so well written and I really have been in your life from the start in Liverpool and the Lake District. Can't wait to read more. May have to abandon the crime thriller I'm reading to finish the journey through your life."

"Thank you so very much for being so open and honest about your life experience to help people like myself."

"It is giving me great comfort."

"I've just finished reading it and have found it so very interesting and indeed, more than this, for it touches on so many points featuring in my own life also."

"It looks great and is a wonderful good read ....It was a real insight into social history and your fascinating, eventful life."